Our teaching method is based on communicative practice.

We seek that you have the maximum oral interaction with your teacher or with other students learning Spanish, so that you start speaking like a native from day one.

In our individual classes, your teacher prepare personalised materials. We like to share with you all the materials that we work with, so that you can consult and download them where, when and as many times as you want.

In our small group classes, you are going to enjoy fun activities with your classmates. We have designed activities to work as a team to practise and enjoy.

In our classes for kids we apply techniques to improve the memorization process, with a combination of images, texts and audio material. We pay special attention to the rhythm of the classes to promote a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment, but highly effective.

In our conversation classes we pay special attention to your fluency and pronunciation. We work with specific activities to improve your communication skills and gain confidence in speaking Spanish.


Our classes follow the six-level structure defined by
the Common European Framework of Reference for
Languages (CEFR).

It is important that you know your language fluency
level so that we can recommend the class that best
suits your needs. If you are not sure what your level is,
then take your online Spanish test now!