At Your Spanish Hub, our mission is to accompany,  guide and motivate you throughout the exciting journey of learning a new language.

Along with the aspects of acquiring and mastering the Spanish language, as teachers, we strive to immerse you in the rich tapestry of the Spanish culture. Moreover, let us not overlook the profound cognitive benefits that studying a new language imparts upon your brain. 

See  what our students have to say about us.


Ann Wilkinson

Scotland – UK

“As a total beginner I wanted to learn Spanish because I thought that it would be a good workout for my mature brain. And it has been! Because of the way that the course is designed I have enjoyed learning progressively along with my teacher Gloria. She is very patient, explains the lessons clearly and has helped me to grow in confidence as the weeks went by.”

Carina JOOS


My son (6 years old) started lessons with Gloria online and we would have never thought he would enjoy them so much. Gloria’s customized approach to incoporate his personal environment into the class materials as well as her open and patient personality have won him over. He looks forward to every session meeting Gloria and has advanced quickly in his spanish vocabulary.

Fernando Ramírez


“Working with Gloria has been an absolute delight. She is a committed professional and has provided us with a phenomenal service that has gone above and beyond to meet all our needs. My bilingual (English-Spanish) daughter needed support to catch up with all the academic Spanish language she had missed after years of international education. Gloria took on the challenge and not only provided Julia with top-class instruction, but also complied with all the requirements for her to complete her course, creating resources and tests that had to match specific requirements. Gloria has been responsive and flexible, fair and generous, kind and supportive. I would recommend Your Spanish Hub to anyone with high expectations that appreciates a job well done.”

Janice Macgregor

Scotland -UK

“I’ve studied Spanish over a number of years with different teachers, but I’ve been really impressed with Your Spanish Hub. Gloria’s classes are always extremely organised, interesting and hit my level exactly. Her feedback is always constructive and she’s very encouraging, even when I struggle with some things. I’d highly recommend them, whatever your level.”

Melody Bay


“Gloria’s teaching is super fun, covers reading, listening, speaking and writing, and most importantly, connects you to your learning goals. My personal learning goal is to master Spanish enough to move to Spain in the future, and she’s teaching me not only the language but also the customs and colloquialisms I’ll need to know. Every lesson is fun and engages the senses, and runs at my own pace so I always feel comfortable learning. They’re a highlight of my week. After having learned Spanish with her for a few months, I feel so much more confident speaking and writing in the language!”


Chihiro Sugiyama


“I am a C1 level student and I wanted to improve my Spanish and get out of my comfort zone as I noticed that I had stalled. The teachers have designed some tasks for me, apart from the activities in each unit, so that I can improve my weak points. When I find it difficult to do some exercise, they help me and guide me in a very subtle way so that I can find the answer myself.
I am very happy because I notice the improvement in each class.“

Enrica Conti


“The classes with Your Spanish Hub are excellent! I started studying Spanish by myself six years ago and when I reached the B2 level, I decided to sign up for individual classes with Your Spanish Hub, especially for conversation. I really like the classes with Gloria, they are well organised and include a good combination of activities: conversation, grammar, vocabulary and reading and listening activities. Gloria has amazing teaching skills, she is a kind and friendly teacher, and I can’t imagine anything better than practising my Spanish with her!”


Elizabeth Reid

“I started classes with Maya a few months ago and I really like the classes. I have one hour a week. Maya is very organised and the teaching materials are excellent. But more importantly, Maya is very kind and always available to help with problems.”


Jeevi Pillai


“I am so happy I started Spanish lessons with Your Spanish Hub! Not only are the lessons one-to-one and focused, they are also personalised to suit you and your needs. It is definitely worth the money and I always look forward to my lessons every week as I am not only learning a language but also learning about an amazing culture.”


Viivi Valkonen


“I had taken one course of Spanish before, back in 2016, but it was necessary for me to start from scratch. During the classes we had different kinds of lessons, different ways to learn grammar and vocabulary and we had listening, writing and speaking exercises. The teachers are really talented. Gloria and Maya are making learning Spanish fun and effective. During the lessons, you can feel they put their hearts into their work; I really recommend it!”


Brad Andrews

England – UK

“This was my first time taking any kind of lesson online and I had some reservations before starting the lessons. However, as soon as I started the lessons and saw what an amazing job Maya and Gloria had done in devising an effective, simple and enjoyable method to teach online I was instantly on board with the idea. The lessons always feel incredibly engaging and all of the resources I can need are right there at my fingertips. There is no better time or way to learn a new language than online!”


Thanittha Srisurapol


“Before I started my lessons with Your Spanish Hub, I didn’t understand any Spanish. I learned how to read, write, listen, and pronounce in a proper way thanks to my native Spanish teacher. I really enjoy the units and activities because Gloria is really encouraging and entertaining. Now I can introduce myself, have basic conversations, more understanding of grammar, and read & write in Spanish.”


Gillian Shearer

Scotland – UK

“I can’t believe how far I have come in the past few months of learning Spanish with Your Spanish Hub!
Lessons are based mainly on conversational Spanish with listening and writing activities.
Your tutor sets exercises and activities to suit your level so that you can see how you are progressing.  You just can’t get that in a classroom!”


Luke Doran

England – UK

“I’ve been studying with Your Spanish Hub and my teacher Gloria for 6 weeks now and have experienced an incredible level of customised teaching specific to me and my Spanish needs. Gloria understood what I was looking for from the beginning and created a teaching programme full of variety covering speaking, writing, reading and listening exercises mixing it up for every class. The dedication and thought that goes into planning my learning programme is so impressive and for the first time in my Spanish learning life I am eradicating my grammatical errors! I would highly recommend Your Spanish Hub to all spanish learners.”


Thessa Fuhrmann


“Your Spanish Hub classes are a blast! I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time, and the teachers make sure to make the material not only useful for my level of Spanish, but interesting too. There is a perfect balance of speaking, writing, and listening, and my teacher is open to what I want to learn and very patient.”


Andy Matzner

United States

“If you are searching for an excellent Spanish-learning experience, look no further! I have been studying with Your Spanish Hub for many months and my Spanish has improved immensely. Maya is a natural teacher: patient, thorough, and well-prepared with her lessons. I have been able to take my Spanish to another level with Maya’s help.”

Rory Johnson

Rory Johnson

England – UK

“I really enjoy my lessons with Your Spanish Hub. Both Gloria and Maya have a friendly and approachable yet also professional style. The lessons are well-structured with clear objectives. I’m encouraged to use all forms of communication; speaking, listening, reading and writing. The lessons themselves are supplemented by lots of helpful supporting resources. I particularly like all of the additional videos on Spanish culture, history, food and traditions which really brought the language to life.”