During the free class you can meet the teacher, see how the lessons work, test our teaching materials, and enjoy some of the activities that we include in our classes.

This class is completely free and lasts 55 minutes.

In addition, you will be able to explain your needs and objectives to your teacher with regards to learning Spanish. In turn, your teacher will explain how the classes work and will answer all your questions.

Starting your lessons with us is very easy.

If you want to get to know our classes, request your free class here by filling in the reservation form.

We want to offer you a free class tailored to your needs. Therefore, in the form to request your free trial lesson, you will find a link to the official Spanish test of the Instituto Cervantes, which you can do to have an orientation on your level of Spanish.

If you already know us, contract directly for the type of class you prefer in our Spanish Classes section.

At Your Spanish Hub we offer Spanish classes for all levels (A1 – C2) and our Spanish classes are for adults, teenagers and kids.

We offer two types of lesson:

✔ Individual and personalised online classes.

✔ Online Spanish classes for small groups.

To find out more about the classes see our Spanish Classes section.

Yes. If you have individual classes, you can choose your timetable in the “Reservar mis clases individuales” section when logging in with your username and password.

If you have classes in small groups, you can check the available times on our website. If the schedule you are looking for is not available, contact us at [email protected].

When you buy a product from our website you receive:

✔ All the materials that we will use in the Spanish classes. You don’t have to pay for any of your learning materials.

✔ Free access to all the video lessons and activities of our Membership Programme*.

*Access to all courses during the entire period of validity of the classes.

If you have a voucher for individual lessons, enter the “Reservar mis clases individuales” section when logging in with your username and password and choose a teacher, day and time for your class. You can book your classes 20 weeks in advance and up to 36 hours before the lesson takes place.

To cancel a lesson that you have already booked, enter the “Mis reservas” section when logging in with your username and password, select the class you want to cancel and confirm the cancellation. After cancelling your lesson, you can book it again.

It is not possible to cancel or change small group classes.

The waiting time to start a class is 10 minutes.

In the case of individual classes, if you do not show up for the class after 10 minutes and you have not cancelled it, the class is considered taught and discounted from your voucher.

In the case of group lessons, the class starts on time and you have 10 minutes to join the group.

It is not possible to cancel or change group classes, even if you give advance notice. 

At Your Spanish we are committed to our work, so if a teacher has to cancel a class it will always be for a really important reason.

In this case, the teacher will reschedule the class at another time, as soon as possible and taking into account your availability.

If for technical reasons of any kind it is not possible to have the lesson, several options can be given:

If less than 30 minutes have elapsed since the start of the lesson, we suspend the lesson and reschedule the full class at a new date and time.

If more than 30 minutes have elapsed, the lesson is considered given, but we make up the remaining time on another date and time, which will be agreed with the teacher by email.

For our online classes you only need:

✔ A computer, tablet or mobile phone with a camera and internet connection.

✔ A stable internet connection.

✔ A free video conferencing tool.

The conferencing tools that we generally use in our classes are Zoom and Skype. In our classes we use documents and presentations that we share on the “Mis clases” section when logging in with your username and password.

No, our lesson vouchers are for individual use.

You can pay for your classes with a credit / debit card. This is a fast and secure payment method.

Go to the Spanish Classes section and select the type of classes that interests you the most. After confirming your details and the products you want to purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation email. Additionally, you will receive a last email with your username and password to log in with your username and access to your lesson materials and individual lesson bookings.

Yes. During the first 14 days after purchasing the voucher, we will refund the money of the pending lessons that you have not used. After this period of 14 days after the purchase, we do not return the money, but the pending lessons can be exchanged for a voucher that you can use later or transfer to someone else.

It is very simple. If you wish to cancel your monthly subscription, you can do so in the the “Suscripciones” section when logging in with your username and password. Once you cancel your subscription, you will see that the status appears as “cancellation confirmed”.

Remember that your subscriptions are charged monthly. You can cancel your subscription at any time prior to the next billing date and in that case, the next monthly payment will not be charged.

Please, check the renewal date of your subscription in your client area to be able to cancel on time.