What is the CEFR?

CEFR refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is a European standard which defines the levels of mastery of the language and describes the knowledge and skills that a language student must develop in order to communicate effectively.

What are the CEFR levels?

The Common Framework of Reference for Languages has defined six levels of language proficiency, ranging from level A1 (basic user) to level C2 (proficient user).

A1 – Beginner level

✔ You can understand and use simple, frequently used phrases.

✔ You can introduce yourself and other people.

✔ You can interact in simple conversations with an interlocutor who speaks clearly and slowly.

A2 – Basic level

✔ You can understand and use simple, frequently used expressions.

✔ You can talk about yourself and the environment around you.

✔ You can interact in simple conversations with an interlocutor who speaks clearly and slowly.

B1 – Intermediate level

✔ You can understand and express yourself in a simple way to talk about work, travel, leisure, etc.

✔ You can describe experiences, give opinions, or explain plans.

✔ You can interact in conversations about familiar topics or topics of personal interest.

B2 – Upper intermediate level

✔ You can understand the main ideas of a complex text. 

✔ You can interact fluently and naturally with native speakers.

✔ You can express yourself clearly to present and defend points of view on general issues, indicating their advantages and disadvantages.

C1 – Advanced level

✔ You can understand a wide variety of long texts in depth.

✔ You can express yourself fluently, spontaneously and creatively.

✔ You can use the language flexibly in social, academic and professional settings.

C2 – Maximum proficiency level

✔ You can easily understand any text or conversation.

✔ You can express yourself spontaneously, with great fluency and a high degree of precision even in complex situations.

✔ You can understand information from different sources and relate it to present a coherent summary of it.

How can I find out my CEFR level?

We encourage you to take this free test before starting classes on Your Spanish Hub. Knowing your level, we can offer you the most appropriate classes so that you can take your knowledge of Spanish to another level. Click here to start the test.

How do I start my lessons?

Starting your lessons with us is very simple.

If you want to get to know our classes, request your free trial class here by filling in the reservation form.

We want to offer you a trial class tailored to your needs. Therefore, in the form to request your free trial lesson, you will find a link to the official Spanish test of the Instituto Cervantes, which you can do to have an orientation on your level of Spanish.

If you already know us, contract directly for the type of class you prefer in our Prices section.

What is the free trial lesson about?

During the free trial lesson you can meet the teacher, see how the lessons work, test our teaching materials, and enjoy some of the activities that we include in our classes.

The trial lesson is completely free and lasts 55 minutes.

In addition, you will be able to explain your needs and objectives to your teacher with regards to learning Spanish. In turn, she will explain how the classes work and will answer all your questions.

Can I choose my Spanish teacher?

If you do not have any preference, we will provide you with a teacher who adapts to your schedule availability. But if you want to choose your Spanish teacher, you have to indicate it in the observations of the reservation form and we will study your request based on the teacher’s schedule availability.

Can I choose a time for my lessons?

Yes. If you have individual lessons, you can choose the schedule in the section “Book my classes” within the Virtual Campus. If you have classes in small groups, you can check the available times on our website. If the schedule you are looking for is not available, contact us at info@yourspanishhub.com.

How are the Spanish lessons with the YSH teachers?

Our classes are aimed at adults and adolescents and have a duration of 30, 55 or 3 hours, depending on the type of lesson

Individual or group classes of four people allow us to create a confident and relaxed atmosphere so that you can learn in an entertaining way and at your own pace.

Our classes cover a range of Spanish skills: conversation, writing, reading, audiovisual comprehension … using practical and dynamic materials.

Which platforms do we use to teach the classes?

The communication platforms that we generally use in our lessons are Skype and / or Zoom. If you prefer another platform, tell us and we will take it into account.

In our lessons we use materials that we share through our Virtual Campus.

Are there Spanish lessons for children at YSH?

No. Our Spanish lessons and courses are designed for adults and teenagers.

Are the lessons individual or can they be in groups?

We offer two types of lesson:

✔ Individual lessons through the purchase of course packages. The lessons last 55 or 30 minutes

✔ Lessons in small groups of three – five people. The lessons last 3 hours and they take place once a week.

For more information about the classes see our Lessons section.

Are there lessons for all levels of Spanish?

Yes, at Your Spanish Hub we have Spanish lessons for all levels.

If you already know Spanish, we recommend that you complete the Instituto Cervantes level test when booking your free trial lesson. This way you will have an orientation of your level. The test results are expressed in 6 different levels according to the standard established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In the event that you do not have any prior knowledge of Spanish, you can also start from scratch with us.

How do I pay for the lessons?

You can pay for your classes with a credit / debit card. This is a fast and secure payment method.

Go to the Shop section and select the type of classes that interests you the most. After confirming your details and the products you want to purchase, you will receive an order confirmation email. Then, after making the payment, you will receive a second purchase confirmation email. Finally, you will receive a last email with your username and password to access the Virtual Campus.

How can I book, cancel or change a lesson?

If you have a pack for individual lessons, enter the Reserve class section of the Virtual Campus and choose a teacher, day and time for your lesson. You can book your lessons 20 weeks in advance and up to 12 hours before the lesson takes place.

To cancel a lesson that you have reserved with your teacher, enter the My reservations section of the Virtual Campus, select the lesson you want to cancel and confirm the cancellation. You can cancel your lessons at any time (even 5 minutes before the lesson) at no cost. After canceling your lesson, you can book it again.

In the event that you do not have a voucher for individual lessons, there is no possibility of canceling or changing lessons.

What happens if I am late for a lesson?

The waiting time to start a lesson is 10 minutes.

In the case of individual lessons, once that time has elapsed, if you do not show up for the lesson and you have not canceled it before it starts on the Virtual Campus, the class is considered taught and discounted from your voucher.

In the case of small group lessons, the lesson will begin for students who are at the scheduled time and the rest of the students have 10 minutes to join the group. Once those 10 minutes have elapsed, if you do not show up, you will have missed your lesson.

What happens if I don’t show up for a lesson?

In the case of individual lessons, if you do not show up for a lesson and you have not canceled it at least 12 hours before its start in your Reservation calendar, the class is considered taught and discounted from your voucher.

For small group lessons, it is not possible to cancel or change classes, even if you notify in advance.

What happens if it is necessary to cancel a lesson for technical reasons?

If for technical reasons of any kind it is not possible to give the lesson, several options can be given:

If less than 30 minutes have elapsed since the start of the lesson, we suspend the lesson and reschedule the full class at a new date and time.

If more than 30 minutes have elapsed, the lesson is considered given, but we make up the remaining time on another date and time, which will be agreed with the teacher by email.

Do individual lesson vouchers expire?

Yes. The validity of our individual lesson vouchers is:

20-lesson voucher: valid for 24 weeks from the date of the first lesson.

10-lesson voucher: valid for 13 weeks from the date of the first lesson.

Can I cancel an individual lesson voucher before I have used it up?

Yes. During the first 14 days after the sale of the voucher, we will refund the money of the pending lessons that you have not used. After this period of 14 days from the sale of the voucher, we do not return the money, but the pending lessons can be exchanged for a voucher that you can use later or transfer to someone else.

Can several people share the same individual lesson voucher?

No, the vouchers are for individual use.

Do I get any extra benefits if I am a YSH student?

Of course! When you buy a product on our website, you become a member of the YSH Community as long as your product is active. This means that you have access to the online Courses collection of the Virtual Campus.

The Spanish version of this document shall prevail in the case of inconsistency.
This document was last revised and updated on May 17, 2021

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